System-neutral with an OSR slant.

The idea was to borrow the appendix to Weird Fantasy Roleplaying by James Edward Raggi IV, regurgitate a lot of material I researched for my PhD on nonconformist writing in Seventeenth –Century England, and filter both through a Vivian Westwood/ Hellraiser/ pulp aesthetic.  It would be Anglo-centric because it’s my world, and I know a bit about the 1640s/ 50s/ 60s in England; and there’s enough political, social, and religious upheaval there to fuel a fantasy campaign that’s not in thrall to Conan or Bilbo Baggins.  The whole thing would be system-neutral, but swing toward Basic D&D and the OSR movement in general, because I don’t like learning rules, but I do like making things up on the spot.

So it’s pike and shotte, but in no way historical.  It leans heavily on what did happen (in an allegorical kind of way that Tolkien would hate, and Bunyan would love) but is suitably make-believe that kobolds, hobbits, and gelatinous cubes can sit alongside witchcraft, regicide, and ranters.

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