Inspirational Films

The 17th Century has suffered from the legacy of Hammer Films.  The costume drama horror movies of the 1960s and 70s are undeniably fun (if rather exploitative, and misogynistic) but they tend to depict the Early-Modern period as something of a fairytale.

Here are some examples of films with a bit more accuracy; they do a good job of capturing the strange and chaotic period upon which I based my make-believe world.

Cromwell poster.jpg

Cromwell (1970), dir. Ken Hughes.

Historians will catalogue the inaccuracies, but the performances of the 2 leads are flawless, and the battle scenes suitably grim.

The Witch poster.png

The VVitch: A New England Folk-Tale (2015), dir. Robert Eggers.

If you’re looking for a way of putting the weird into the 17th Century,  watch this; it’s also a fantastic study of the Early-Modern family.

A Field in England poster.jpg

A Field in England (2013), dir. Ben Wheatley.

Hallucinogenic and historically-accurate.  This would make a terrific random encounter.

Winstanley 1975 film poster.jpg

Winstanley (1975), dir. Kevin Brownlow and Andrew Mollo.

Most, if not all, of the dialogue is lifted directly from Winstanley’s writing.  The armour was loaned from The Tower of London.  If you only want to watch one of these, watch this.